Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hello blog....y,because n here it is....

First of all....hello blog world....
this is d first day i came into this world..(write it on diary keyh..hehehe)
actually i have planned 2 get into this world earlier than this,but because there is few technical problems,i have 2 delay my way here..n one of the problems is streamyx...my goodness,they say that the line will be connect a week after i register my phone here....but until now there is no called at all n it is been 2 months...(hello,org nak guner gak tenet k...hurm~~)...continue,y i wanna have my own blog? :

1st. because i love 2 talk,talk n talk....so i think this is the best medium 2 talk without throwing out 2 much voice..(can be saved for karok..hehehe),

2nd. because i love 2 share with people,so i hope with having a blog,i can shared anything bout me,bout what i do,bout what i feel n bout what i thought(n etc) with others n they also can share sumthing with me......

3rd. my along have a blog,oppsss sorry,have blogS actually.so i think it is tyme 4 me to 2 have one...kan3...hehehehehe..

maybe my writing is bad/funny,or d words that i'm using is nonsense,but the most important is,i wanna share it n i wanna say it loud n clear,so people will know me better than d ordinary....n i hope people will give me tyme 2 improved everything....like i laways said 2 myself , Gambate2 EnJeru!! :D

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