Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Waking Up..

salam n hye.....

after a while....I am waking up from this Dreams
a wake up that really hurt who is in it
but this is the thing I need now...
wake up and realize that it will never happen and never work

by this I wish people will stop treat me with sympathy
I don't need the sympathy that you give
well at least that it was you call it
I call it a LIE
a lie for treating me like baby and afraid what you do will hurting my feeling
don't pampered me anymore with that
it build the HOPE in myself and the raising the idea that we will be together somehow
so by this..I wish yo stop lying to me and keep it REAL with me

I am a man to be
not a boy that being a baby
I need and will face the reality
and will never hide behind the sympathy anymore
believe me...if you love me...than please help me
by then yo will never lose me
because when i am through with this
I really need a hand that I trust at the end of the road

on today
I will start my journey
erase all the memory
reformat all the memory
not because i hate you
not because our memory is worthless
but because i want to bring new perspective towards you
because i want to start new

wish me luck
as I keeping my faith to this
In Shaa Allah
when I am done with all this
we will be more than before
the hope will burn and raise new one from the ashes
the pain will be heal
and I will hide the scar
it will looks like new
wish me luck

thanks for the great time
thanks for the memory
thanks for the tears
and thanks for making me walk through your life.....

Sunday, November 17, 2013

susah melupakan yg pertama?

n hye semua....

salah satu benda yg paling susah utk dilupakan adalah benda yg 'pertama kali' bagi kita...

the 1st day we were born

the 1st day we were in primary school
the day we lose our 1st teeth
the 1st time we learn something
n most of all the 1st time we fell in love

the 1st is always the hard one to be forget

because it is the 1st time we pull out all the courage in our self just to say, 'hey, I love you....'
and the worst part for it where we have to wait the answer after that. either it yes or no...
and when Yes is the answer, we are the happy person in the world.

i thought it is easy to let everything go

eventhough the answer is not what i hope so
but still, i thought it was easy...
till today, i think it is not as easy as i say it wold be

gosh, i wish i really dont do that thing that night

even it almost a year most, i really wish i didnt do it
because the effect is affecting me
yeah, i really love that person
it is a love for the 1st sight on 2008...almost 5 years ago...
only after 3 years and half i have the courage to say so....

to Allah i always ask to forget and forgive

but seems both of it never been succeed
wish there is something could make it better
wish there is someone who is truly worth to wait for... in shaa Allah....

as i am typing all this, i really still miss it

wish that the answer was yes
and maybe all this could never happen
but there is something i almost forget that
Everything Happen For a Reason
and i wish i would know what the reason are soon....
in shaa Allah....

for all my friends that have engage and married with in this year,

Congratulations to all.... I pray for the happiness ever after....
in shaa Allah...when time has come, i will be follow all of yours footsteps....
lots of love for everyone.........