Thursday, May 19, 2011

.: Aq x taw lak kene wat cmtuh~! :.

Dear Diary,

today is my forth day of my working experience....hurm~ its been a 4 long day...theer is more days to go till it come to my first pay-check....oh my~ how am i going to wait for that long...i'm just too excited to get it....well,it is my first tyme it is okay for me to be so excited...hehehe :p who would know that before u can have ur paycheck u have to do some things first....Oh My~ it juz make me shock that when i've been asked to open an account n to open my owh such a crazy things because i've never been do that before(open a KWSP account) is crazy but a fun things to do....after i go for my lunch with my team 'Black Onyx Team',i go to Pblic Bank to  open an account there.....everything is fine there...then i have to go KWSP office to open d KWSP is a big step on my life...from now i'm no longer a studenic person....i am a working man now....tht is soo fabulous u know~ i hope all of my fren who finished with me will get a job sooner~ eyes juz wanna close.....see u again my diary....we will meet again..... ;) Nunytez,Oysuminasai~! ;)

Enjeru Rashid


cik mira si anak abah said...

haha.. tu normal la rash. ak pon sme gak. duk tertunggu-tunggu my 1st "gaji". hihi

EnJeru Rashid said... x pernah sgka aq kene buat sumer 2 weyh~
dah 'besar' dah kiter kan...hehe

oh2..ko keje sana dpt gaji ea~ bestnyer~