Sunday, May 15, 2011

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Dear Diary,

it is not an easy thing to make a decision...

whatever decision it always has its own hardness....especially if the decision is involving my juz so damn hard......recently i have to make a decision...a huge kinda also involving my future with is a lie if i said that i can make it without think it for at least 3 days~ yah.....i have think bout it more than 3 days....there is a lot of criteria that i need to consider.....not enough with that,the pressure given by others also make me hard to accomplish a decision...OMG~ only god knows how hard i think bout just give pain to my whole body......and now,i have reach my decision.....althogh i thonk it is not the best decision to everybody but i think it is the best decision for me now.....believe me,it is not easy for me to accept my own decision regarding that i really need the things that been offered,i really feel sad that i have to neglect the offer...i feel really bad.....bad till i felt my teas when i write this.....but like i is the best decision i can make for now...for myself,for my family n for people that i love n care here.....this is d best....although there is some lost with it...iaccept the lost......for more thing,if u fren have some hard decidion to make,help them.not burden them with your tought and make them harder to make the i'm said "it is hard for me to make the decision,please don't make it harder for me...."...i've been in that shoe,and irs really no fit me well....

- EnJeru

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